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Service Related Frequently Asked Question
1.) Is the quote that the estimator quotes me on my visual estimate the price the move will remain. I hear all the time about “hidden costs and fees?” Honestly, I just hear horror stories?

Answer — At Reputable Moving, our experienced professional estimator comes and will give you an honest visual estimate based on your specific move. THAT IS THE PRICE YOUR MOVE WILL STAY if your belongings stay the same. If you decide to move additional items than what was seen in the visual estimate, then and only then would your moving quote may increase. We work very diligently to give our customers a quote, and that is the price that it will stay. At Reputable Moving, we believe in NO HIDDEN FEES OR COSTS. We believe in being totally 100% honest and up front.

2.) My building requires proof of insurance for my move – can you please provide this?

Answer — Yes we will provide a certificate of insurance that is proof accepted by most buildings within 24 hours of receiving a request, and given the sample of a certificate insurance from your management office.

3.) My apartment has very strict rules regarding no niches or scratches on the walls or the flooring. Does Reputable Moving take steps to prevent that?

Answer — Reputable Moving puts them protective plastic to protect the floor and walls from any damages before any move is begun. We are very professional, and take extra care to prevent any damages from happening.

4.) Would I be able to purchase additional insurance other than the free basic insurance that comes with my move?

Answer — Yes you can purchase additional insurance for your move by going to to get a quote for additional coverage.

5.) Do you do assembly and disassembly on items such as beds etc.?

Answer — We handle all disassembly and assembly that is needed for all of our moves. When you trust us at Reputable Moving – you can be sure that we will take all the stress and worry out of your move. You will be pleased and feel that this is the best most stress free move you have ever had. We then ask you recommend us to family and friends as we appreciate all our customers, and our reputation is golden to us.

6.) Is Reputable Moving Licensed and Insured?

Answer — Yes we are fully licensed and insured.

7.) Can you move items such as pianos?

Answer — Our Expert team can move all piano types.

8.) Can you provide shuttle service if needed?

Answer — Yes we can provide shuttle service, please note that this is at an additional cost.

9.) Can you also help me with packing if needed?

Answer — Our team is fully able to help with packing services – however there are additional costs involved with packing

Concerns about Pricing/Payment

1.) What are the available options to pay for my move?

Answer — You can pay for your move by cash, certified check, money order or by credit card. Please note with credit card – we do not take a processing fee to secure your moving deposit, however there is a processing fee if you wish to pay for your move via credit card.

2.) Is a deposit required to secure my moving date?

Answer — Yes, we do require a deposit.

3.) Would I have to pay my full balance before my items are offloaded at my delivery address?

Answer — Subject to federal law, payment in FULL of all charges is required before delivery and prior to unloading.

Before and After Moving Questions

1.) What is the time frame that I need in advance to schedule my moving date?

Answer — If you have specific time and date restrictions, always try to plan and schedule your move at least two weeks to a month in advance.

2.) Who should I contact after my move if I have a question or concern?

Answer — You should contact our business customer service office by calling 855-338-6683. They are able to handle all of your issues promptly.

Pickup and Delivery Questions

1.) On the day of move, when should the moving team be arriving?

Answer — You will be receiving a call the day before your move which will give you a time in the morning that our team will be there.

2.) For Long Distance Moving – what is your delivery window?

Answer — For all long distance moving – our business office will be giving you a delivery window which is a time frame that your items will be delivered. Please note that someone must be at the delivery residence to accept delivery.

3.) Am I able to choose the moving delivery date for long distance moving?

Answer — Our Customer Service Department can work with you regarding your availability for delivery, however we cannot guarantee a pinpointed delivery date and time. We can give you a delivery window.

4.) When is the latest the moving team works?

Answer — Unless you are in an apartment building that has time restrictions for moving, our expert moving team stays until your job is done.

5.) Will inclement/bad weather affect my moving process?

Answer — For local moving, we are a professional moving team, and we are trained to continue to work in inclement weather. For long distance delivery times, please note that our customer service team would keep you updated, but inclement weather can affect your delivery window date, and you will be informed at least 12-24 hours beforehand of any possible changes.

6.) How long will my move take? How many team members will come for my move?

Answer — Both of these questions are specific to your move and how many cubic feet you have. It can take the minimum 3 hours labor time until the job is completed. As far as how many men on our moving team, it can be from 3 – 7 men on your team.

7.) Can Reputable Moving do services such as unmount my television or uninstall/disconnect appliances or air conditioner?

Answer — Our team can do services such as unmounting and disconnections – please note there are additional fees for each of these services.

8.) Would I need to be at home during my move

Answer — We would prefer ideally that you are home for your moving process, however if you cannot be. We request you appoint an adult representative that will be supervising our team for your move. We also will be sending you a form that you must complete so we have in writing you are appointing this person.

9.) If a parking ticket is incurred during my move – what is my responsibility?

Answer — You are only responsible if it is your car that received the parking ticket,otherwise no it is not your responsibility.

Packing Questions and Concerns

1.) Would you provide boxes to me if needed

Answer — Yes, we can provide boxes please note that they are considered specialized supplies, and that is an additional charge.

2.) Can I pack liquids? What if I want to pack using plastic bags such as garbage bags for example?

Answer — Liquids are prohibited on trucks for safety concerns. We can move your belongings in duffel bags or suitcases etc. However, we do not recommend packing in plastic bags as they are more apt to break and come apart in the moving process due to bouncing around in the truck in transit.

3.) Should I empty all of my dresser and desk drawers entirely, or can they transported as is?

Answer — Please note in order to prevent any damages or the danger of items falling out in transit, we do require that all drawers be empty.

4.) What does PBO mean?

Answer — The term PBO means “Packed by Owner”

5.) Can I pack for delivery my jewelry and important documents?

Answer — We strongly recommend not packing important documents or items such as personal financial information, car keys, insurance policies, cash, prescription medicine, licenses, birth certificates/passports, jewelry of extraordinary value, etc.

You can take them with you or have them shipped separately by a friend or family member after you move in. These items are NOT covered by Reputable Moving at all.

6.) Do you charge for wrapping and protecting my furniture?

Answer — No, part of our expert moving process is we protect all of your belongings with blankets and shrink wrap. That is of no charge to you at all.

Other Possible Concerns/Questions

1.) Should I tip my moving team? How much should I tip?

Answer — Suggested Gratuity for Movers and Foreman 15%-20% of Moving Balance. Tipping is however at your discretion and not necessary.

2.) What is the size of your moving truck?

Answer — Our truck is 26 feet.

3.) Would I be able to ride along in the truck with the moving team?

Answer — Unfortunately, that is not a possibility for safety and insurance reasons.